Artists' Collective Theatre

Our Fringe show is immanent! NOT Sondheim

Advanced Acting for Film and Television Intensive for Teens

Due to an overwhelming response from our last work shop we are providing a two week acting intensive.

Week One (Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm, 20 students in four classes of five students)

Each day will feature 4 regular classes plus one group class. The regular classes will cover scene work, improv, specificity and unique audition scenes, and stunts for film and television. The group class will focus on breath, body, and text.

Audition: At the end of the week students will audition from sides before at least one professional casting director. Several short films will be cast to be worked on in week two.

Guest instructors from the top of their particular disciplines will teach every second day.

Week Two Practicum (Monday to Tuesday, 9-4, Wed to Friday will be 12 hour set days)

Monday and Tuesday: Some of the classes from week one, plus rehearsal for the short films.

Wednesday – Friday: The real world set experience! 12 hour days, where students will be shooting a number of short films. Production quality will be high, with the intention of producing works which can be submitted to film festivals.

After the two weeks students will be mailed feedback on their performance over the course of the program focusing on both strengths and areas where students could benefit from further development.After post production, students will be given clips of their performances for their demo reels.

Price: $1000 for the two weeks, July 6 to 17th

Booking is first come first serve. Deposit is required. Payment plans available. To book a spot please email

For Immediate Release
Show runs July 31st to August 7th, 2015
as part of the Calgary Fringe Festival

Press Release,
June 25th, 2015

NOT Sondheim
Artists' Collective Theatre presents a new work by Eric Pettifor
Similar in style to sketch comedy for smarties, illuminaties, and the naughty

The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl was a Pulitzer Prize® finalist Best Play 2010

What is NOT Sondheim? The title says it all. A little misleading, perhaps, as there are bits of Sondheim (not enough to have to pay royalties for) in episode one. And it's in two episodes. Which will alternate so you have to buy two tickets. Episode subtitles may further illume with regard to the content; episode one is "Why the Viking", and episode two is subtitled "Hale Mary". Nothing is left to the imagination.

Playwright Eric Pettifor vacuously reminisces; "The first time I saw Monty Python I was a child visiting my cousins in Wetaskiwin. The TV was tuned to one of the two channels available in those days, and we watched from within our fort of chairs and blankets. Without warning, something called "Boxing Today" came on. It was Monty Python's Flying Circus."

This is not that. But it is homagal in the best sense of that non-existent word. Correction, the until recently non-existent word, since there it is before you, entirely real, its rough edges unsmoothed by handling (the 'h' is silent, the 'g' soft: "homagal". Repeat quietly. Well done.).

"NOT Sondheim", Pettifor drones on incontinently, "contains much of the sensibility which formed my still developing brain as I listened to Monty Python records over and over again as a child. But it also contains much of Wetaskiwin."

"Really?" we asked incredulously.

"Well, no, not really," replied Pettifor. I was just making a kind of symbolic call back, using Wetaskiwin to stand for something essentially Albertan, even Canadian."

None of which tells us much about NOT Sondheim. NOT Sondheim is smart, irreverent sketch comedy of sorts potentially offensive to anyone who belongs to a race or religion, except for Gnosticism. The Gnostics in the audience will really eat up episode two in particular (Go, Sophia!).

There are about seven people in the cast, most playing multiples roles. It totally violates Aristotle's three unities in a manner so egregious that... well, nothing – no one cares, they haven't for centuries. For ages 16+. Most warnings apply (except for nudity), including the Canadian Content warning, most especially with regard to voyageurs.